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Harness the power of light and elevate your hair care routine with Metax shampoo

Metax Shampoo utilizes the synergistic properties of Phiten Metax technology and the light-activating ingredient “Spirulina maxima” extract to enhance the firmness and texture of your hair by harnessing the power of light. The carefully formulated ingredients are designed to take into consideration the health of the scalp, and the gentle, airy foam of the product refreshes both the scalp and hair through the soothing action of a massaging effect. It's an effortless way to take care of your hair while you're in the bath.


- Formulated with Metax technology and the light-activated photoactive ingredient (Spirulina Maxima Extract). The gentle foam produced by Metax technology and the hair care ingredients wrap around dirt in the pores to keep the scalp and hair clean while loosening the scalp muscles. (*Spirulina Maxima Extract is common ingredients for Metax treatment and Metax body wash)

- Contains three key ingredients for scalp care: Sialic acid, extracted from bird's nest and known for its beauty benefits, helps adjust the scalp environment to give hair elasticity and firmness; Lactobacillus culture lysate and dandelion leaf extract work together to keep the scalp healthy.

- Contains Fucoidan, a high-molecular-weight moisturizing ingredient derived from seaweed extract and rich in minerals. Fucoidan is infused into the product to provide moisture to both the scalp and hair.

- The soothing botanical fruity-floral scent provides a relaxing bath time experience, while the refreshing and clean fragrance invigorates the senses.

 Featured Ingredient:



Spirulina Maxima 

Light-activated ingredient: Spirulina Maxima extract (Photolyase CPD and phycocyanin).

*Spirulina Maxima Extract is common ingredients for Metax treatment and Metax body wash



15.2 fl oz (450ml)




Made in Japan

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