tape application


Targeting discomfort neck and shoulder

How to Apply:

FRONT -Where the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) and clavicle meet (Point A)

BACK - Between the tip of your shoulder and the base of your neck, about halfway or bit lower (Point B).
At finger’s width away from the bone that protrudes when you lower your head (Point C).
Apply the Discs Tape to these three points for a comprehensive approach to alleviating discomfort.

Daily Use: Elbow

Targeting discomfort from the elbow to the surrounding arm area

How to Apply:

To target discomfort in the elbow and surrounding arm area, apply the tape just below the crease that forms when you bend your elbow. Make sure your skin is clean and dry for optimal adhesion.


Targeting Wrist Discomfort

How to Apply:

Wrap the tape around your wrist so that when you bend your wrist, the crease aligns with the center of the tape. Leave a small gap on the inside of the wrist without completely wrapping it around.

Length guideline: 2.5 to 3 squares (less than 15cm or about 6 inches).

DAILY USE: Lower Back

Targeting Discomfort from the Back to the Waist Area

How to Apply:

1. Start at the Bottom: Begin by placing the tape on either side of your spine, starting from the lower back and gently stretching it upwards as you apply.

2. Across the Waist: Next, attach a strip of tape horizontally across your waist, lining it up with your belly button for proper placement.

Recommended size: Use 3 pieces, each about 20cm (approximately 8 inches) or four squares.


Targeting Knee Discomfort

How to Apply:

1. Begin by applying the tape from the inside of the lower knee, then pass behind the knee and continue up to the top of the knee. (*Please make sure the tape does not cover the kneecap.)

2. Apply the tape in the same way on the opposite side.

Recommended size: Use 2 pieces, each about 40cm (approximately 15.75" inches)


1. Measure the Length

Use the grid on the back of the tape to measure the length you need for the area you want to cover.

2. Cut and Apply

Cut the tape along the line for the amount you need and apply it to the desired area.

3. Enhance Adhesion

To prevent the tape from peeling off easily, round off the corners of the tape before application.

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