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  • The item(s) must be returned to the address below within 30 DAYS of the order date.

  • The item(s) must be sent with its original packaging, packing slip, and completed return form.

Optima Life Japan, Inc. DBA PHITEN will ONLY ACCEPT RETURNS, NO EXCHANGE. The desired product must be re-ordered. Only re-sellable items will be accepted. Once the item is accepted, a refund transaction will be made within 7 to 14 days of receiving the item. The shipping and handling cost will not be refunded. Ship returns via your preferred carrier. We strongly recommend using a carrier that provides a tracking number or proof of delivery receipt. Optima Life Japan, Inc. DBA PHITEN cannot be held responsible if a package is lost or stolen and we will not issue refunds if there is no record of receipt and proof of delivery cannot be supplied. Optima Life Japan, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any return claims. The decision will be of sole discretion of Optima Life Japan, Inc. DBA PHITEN and will be decided when the product is received. For any questions about our return policy, please call us at (888) 774-4836 [Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm PST].

Return Address:
Optima Life Japan Inc DBA PHITEN
Attn: Return Department
1820 W. Carson St Ste 201
Torrance CA 90501

Please email us at or contact at 1 (888) 774-4836.

Please email us at or contact at 1 (888) 774-4836.


Sales tax must be applied to any order that is being shipped to locations in California where PHITEN operates an office or corporate store.


We're not aware of PHITEN products having harmful effects on children or pregnant women. We do recommend keeping certain PHITEN products with small parts away from children as it may be a choking hazard. PHITEN is a health and wellness product designed for consumers. However, we always recommend consulting your physician regarding any health-related questions.

The Titanium Discs can easily be placed directly on specific parts of the body, whereas the Titanium Tapes can cover greater areas and be easily applied to your knees, elbows or other joints. For the sake of good hygiene, we recommend replacing the tape after prolonged use or after a period of heavy perspiration.

Yes. We recommend hand-washing them occasionally with soap or diluted laundry detergent and leaving them out to air-dry. If this is not enough, you can try using laundry stain remover; follow application directions and hand wash afterward. Do not use bleach (even for white necklaces/bracelets) as this may affect the color. Washing the products excessively may speed up the wear and tear of the material.

Repeated wetting and drying of the fabric or the application of heat can accelerate the material's wear and tear. Also, if the necklace contains any metal parts, these can heat up and cause discomfort or burns.


Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. 

Simply call us at 1 (888) 774-4836 and we can take your order and your credit card information over the phone.