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The Modulus Bracelet, inspired by a modern industrial feel accented by its angular design and monochromatic colorway offerings, is produced out of a waterproof silicone material and contains Phiten's METAX Technology as well as a METAX Technology Sphere Zone hidden on the inner side of the bracelet. It's simple yet stylish design includes a large rectangular centerpiece with a debossed Phiten logo and eight protruding ancillary square sections that run throughout the entire bracelet.

- Waterproof silicone

- Contains Metax Technology in silicone material.

- Metax Technology Sphere Zone inner side of the bracelet.

100% silicone


Made in Philippines

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Marasigan
Great Effective Product

Yes this product works besides x100 it will increase your durability and stamina at work or workout and feels positively on challenge.

marvin chepenik
The miracle band

I have arthritus in both thumbs and have been using Phiten for over 20 years. The arthritus is still there but i have over 80% use of my thumbs which compared to the time i wasn't using Phiten, is a miracle.

Randy Budihas
Works for Me!

I use the wrist Phiten in conjunction with the 20 inch necklace! Seems to work for me whether a 'state of mind' or actual 'physical' well being increase! Worth the money in my opinion!

Roger Hart
Finally, At Long Last

For years I�ve been wearing the �Phiten Racing� bracelet, even as the lettering is wearing off. This particular model was discontinued years ago. So when this bracelet came out I decided to order one since it was offered in size 7.5�!!! And its fairly comparable. I also ordered one for my grandson because he liked and wore the discontinued bracelet. This new model looks bolder; I like the black. However I really liked the white lettering (Phiten Racing) and red logo.

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