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Take care of your aging skin, even while you sleep! Natural formulas work on keeping your skin moisturized, as well as tone and brighten your skin.

Size: 40 g

Key Ingredients:
- Alaria Esculenta Extract and Peptide helps prevent anti-aging. The skin cell is regenerated, resulting in firm skin.
- Baobab Seed Oil is high in nutrients and moisturizes the skin for a healthier complexion.
- Natural Shea butter helps keep the skin moisturized. It also acts as an extra layer to protect the skin when performing facial massages.
- Water Chestnut extract prevents saccharification (wrinkle causing factor), resulting in a younger looking skin.
- Hydrolyzed Soy Extract has high volumes of isoflavone and anthocyanin, which helps with anti-aging skin care.

How To Use:
Take about one pearl size of the cream onto hands and spread evenly around the face, focusing around the eyes and mouth where dryness occurs most.


Made in Japan

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