Metax Wrist Support Light
Metax Wrist Support Light

Metax Wrist Support Light


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Metax Wrist Wrap Light is an easy, slip-on support made with an ultra-thin, lightweight fabric and elasticity that allows for a comfortable fit while providing support on your wrist, thumb joint and palm area. The Metax Wrist Wrap Light is permeated with Phiten’s latest Metax Technology making this product vastly different from other supporters on the market. ***Package contains one Wrist Wrap only.



Ultra-thin, lightweight fabric and elasticity allows for comfortable fit.

- Provides support for the wrist, thumb joint and palm area.



S (Circumference 5” ~ 6”)

M (Circumference 6” ~ 6.75”)

L (Circumference 6.75” ~ 7.5”)

***Measurement are around wrist



Body: 70% Nylon, 30% Polyurethane



*Metax is Phiten's latest technology which is created by combining two or more Aqua Metals (ie. Aqua-Titanium, Aqua-Gold, Aqua-Silver, Aqua-Palladium, etc) and utilizing their combined characteristics.


Made in Japan


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It's pretty small

I wanted to try it before buying. My hands are very small, and usually S will fit me perfectly. But I wish I bought M. I'm a girl with really small hands, so M would be still small for most people. You gotta try them in the shop before buying if possible. If you want them to be tight, it won't be a problem as it's stretchy.

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