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Showcasing two distinct faces
The Metax Ring features stylish titanium plates with two types of finishes: mirror and matte. The mirror finish reflects light, emphasizing the brilliance of titanium, while the matte finish subdues the shine, creating a calm and sophisticated impression. This ring embodies the harmony of these contrasting elements.
The ring comes with two bands of varying sizes, providing flexibility for a personalized fit by utilizing the detachable stretchable band. The plates are crafted from 100% pure titanium, while the band is infused with Metax Technology.
- Stylish titanium plates with mirror and matte finishes, showcasing the brilliance of titanium and creating a calm and sophisticated impression.
- Harmonious blend of contrasting elements in a single ring, embodying both shine and subtlety.
- Two bands of different sizes included, allowing for a personalized fit with the detachable stretchable band.
- Crafted from 100% pure titanium plates and infused with Metax Technology, combining durability and the benefits of advanced technology.
Band Size
*The ring comes with two bands (Medium and Large), and a large-sized is attached to the ring (plate). Please change it to the medium size according to your finger size. 
Medium: US ring size 5 - 8.25 (49mm - 57.5mm)
Large: US ring size 8.75 - 12.25 (59mm - 68mm)
How to replace the band and precautions: 
Please use a pin tool and insert the pin to push the spring bar between the plate and the band, and the band will come off. 
 *Please be careful not to lose the spring bar when removing the band.
Plate: Titanium 
Spring Bar: Stainless steel 
Band: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyurethane 

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