Phiten was honored and excited to co-sponsor Secret Room Events' 2018 Gifting Lounge held inside the Intercontinental Hotel in Los Angeles to celebrate the 90th annual Academy Awards.

Secret Room Events hosted some of Hollywood's greatest creative talents days before the upcoming award show. Official nominees, as well as celebrated show business stylists and media personalities, were buzzing after being gifted innovative, titanium-based wellness products from Phiten, as well as various other colorful products and on-site services.

Oscar recipients win more gold after being gifted Phiten wellness products!

The awarded composer of “The Shape of Water” and the producers of Oscar-winning “Icarus” took home Phiten X100 Titanium Necklaces in Hollywood after attending an invitation-only, luxury gifting suite. The exclusive nominee gift bag contained various products from the Phiten X100 series.

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