Summer is on its way and as the days get longer, the sun’s rays are getting stronger. That means heading to the beach, lake or pool for days of sun and fun. But if you don’t take steps to protect your skin while you’re outdoors, you’ll wind up with a sunburn, or worse, damage your skin causing it to age prematurely.

Fear not though! Here’s what you can do to stay safe in the sun and water!

Stay near the shade
Choose a spot on the beach or at the park that has a shaded area you can retreat to. Just to be safe, bring an umbrella or canopy that you can secure in place so you’re not exposed to the sun the entire day.

Wear a hat
A wide-brimmed hat can help keep the sun off your face and ears. Make sure you don’t use a straw hat though. The sun can still penetrate through those little holes.

Wear SPF clothing
Outdoor recreation stores sell clothing that blocks UV rays. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in the sun, create a summer wardrobe that has UV-safe clothing to help keep all your parts safe from sun exposure.

Choose the right SPF cream
Phiten’s Metax EX Cream is a waterproof sun cream with UV protection. If you love making a splash in the water while you’re out in the sun, it’s the perfect solution to keeping your skin safe from harm. Even if you’re not in the water and you’re sweating it out with a game of beach volleyball, an outdoor run, or simply melting in the summer heat, Metax EX Cream stays put and doesn’t waiver in protection.

The delightful citrus scent doesn’t leave behind that tell-tale waterproof smell that other brands have. In Phiten’s formula, there are two types of coatings to replenish skin with nutrients while keeping water from washing it away and saving your skin from damage. This Phiten's Metax EX Cream contains Phiten’s proprietary Aqua-Gold® and Aqua-Palladium® technology along with other ores to make the most of your sun and fun without coming home and discovering red, sunburnt and painful skin.

Phiten’s Metax EX Cream waterproof formula will keep you safe while doing all the summer fun things you love. Make sure you have tube of this in your beach bag today!

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