Perfect balance is at the core of Phiten’s Mission. Phiten has been in business for 35 years in Japan and 20 years in the United States. This brand demonstrates strength because of its emphasis on authenticity and high-quality products. Many other companies may try to replicate or counterfeit our products, but Phiten always overcomes any obstacle. These core values of authenticity and determination are central to not only the brand and the products that they make, but also of the consumers who enjoy their products. We have wide variety of products that represent who we are as a company, and the everyday active adventurers who wear them!

One of these active lifestyle products is the Life by Phiten titanium bracelet. This is a stylish bracelet that offers 4 different color choices for consumers: dark/gray, red/orange, light gray, and white. It is stylish and sleek, making it a perfect accessory for its wearers. This bracelet was created celebrate the presence of this company and its longevity. Phiten has been around for decades and this is the perfect product to celebrate how long they have been represented globally. This bracelet is a limited-edition model, helping you to be a part of something special too.

The Life by Phiten titanium bracelet is made of high-quality moisture-proof silicone bracelet. This was made for the everyday adventurer in mind. Their customers want products that can keep up with them, which is why this company insists on offering their customers durability and style. Using Phiten’s unique AQUA-TITANIUM® technology, this product was built to last and can perfectly represent Phiten. Phiten is about adventurers finding the perfect balance in the natural world; so this stylish option looks amazing and can be worn everyday.

When you hear titanium, you probably imagine a heavy bracelet that will weigh you down. It offers durability without a great deal of weight to it, so you can feel comfortable while wearing it. The details are intricate and further add to the style on this silicone bracelet. You are not just getting style with this bracelet; you are getting a sense of peace and balance that you can feel when you place this accessory on your wrist. It may be a subtle feeling, but it is just enough to give you the boost that you need on your daily adventures in life.

Phiten is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. The products that Phiten sells is about making the consumer feel better in their everyday life so that they can take hold of whatever adventures await you. No one wants to be slowed down, so Phiten has line of products that ensure you get the balance and energy that you need. Style, function, and durability are the principles that Phiten looks closest at when making their products.

Wondering how the “Life” script logo on the bracelet was inspired? It’s inspired by lifestyle, fashion and creative culture. This limited edition symbolizes Phiten’s commitment toward the everyday adventurer and includes you in the part of the #PhitenLife community!

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