Start and finish every day with a fresher, smoother and more beautiful face. How you perform your skincare routine as well as the type of skincare you use truly makes all the difference for getting that glowing, revitalized and fresh-faced complexion you want.

Phiten’s AQUA GOLD Basic Skincare line has all the essentials you need to refresh and invigorate your face in the morning or to wash away the stresses of the day at night. What makes it so unique is its special patented Aqua Gold technology. This revolutionary ingredient is found in all of the Aqua Gold Basic Skin Care products, lending it a pop of pink as it is infused with nano gold parcels. Along with the other natural ingredients found in the cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing products by Phiten, this brilliant technology leaves skin looking younger and healthier while guarding it against aging factors.

Here’s how you should use Phiten’s Aqua Gold Basic Skincare products to achieve beyond basic results in your skincare routine.

Aqua Gold Cleansing Oil
If you’re wearing makeup, you’ll want to first cleanse your skin with Phiten’s Aqua Gold Cleansing Oil. It penetrates into your pores, lifting away dirt, makeup and excess oils. It primes the skin for effective cleansing with Phiten’s Aqua Gold Face Wash, naturally removing debris with natural shea butter and macadamia nut butter without stressing your skin. Baobab seed oil imparts moisture to your skin, leaving it healthier and ready for cleansing.

Aqua Gold Face Wash
Once you’ve removed your makeup, you can cleanse. Or when you wake in the morning, this is where you’ll begin for your freshest, most invigorated face. The foamy cream goes deep to cleanse while moisturizing. Along with the patented Aqua Gold technology, ingredients like peanut peel extract and Wakayama Nanko plum extract have anti-aging properties, and baobab seed oil adds another element of moisturization to skin cells in the deepest layers. Be sure to massage in a circular motion for 60 seconds before rinsing away.

Aqua Gold Lotion
Pat your skin dry, then apply Phiten’s Aqua Gold Lotion. It sprays on for complete coverage. Lutein blocks blue light and damage from photoaging while hyaluronic acid revitalizes dry areas. Alpina speciosa leaf extract protects your collagen while peptides firm and tighten. This lotion is an essential item for a youthful complexion that glows.

Aqua Gold Gel
Finish it all off with rejuvenating Aqua Gold Gel, an ultra-concentrated formulation with lutein, bilberry extract, super hyaluronic acid and water chestnut extract. These breakthrough ingredients create the perfect harmony for skin, renewing it, protecting it and smoothing it for a refined and ravishing appearance.

Heading out for the day? Allow a few minutes to penetrate before going through your makeup routine for fabulously flawless skin that shines with the radiance of youth!

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