It’s no secret that Asian women have some of the most beautiful skin in the world. In particular, Japanese women have skin that glows with youthful radiance. Their secret? Using great skincare products to keep them looking forever young.

Phiten uses a patented technology it created called AQUA-METALS™ which involves the breakdown of specific metals into nanoscopic particles dispersed in water to create a hydro-colloidal metal. Each product created by Phiten incorporates this revolutionary technology that renders the color of the products of the Phiten Premium line a pretty pink while working to restore the balance your skin needs to look its most beautiful of all.

It’s more than just pretty though. Phiten’s products formulated with AQUA-METALS™ are designed to bring your skin real results. Like the AQUA GOLD PREMIUM MOISTURE LOTION, it incorporates two of Phiten’s AQUA-METALS™, AQUA-GOLD® and AQUA-SILVER®, it's believed that Gold is the perfect enhancer for the absorption of nutrients, regeneration of tissues, promoting circulation, and anti-again benefits; Silver is a bioactive that destroys bacteria and works as an antiseptic agent. This exclusive pink-hued formulation delivers moisture deep into the corneum for long-lasting hydration and conditioning and improves elasticity with extracts of baby apple and fermented fig, plus it prevents staining of the skin for even tone that looks ageless.

AQUA GOLD PREMIUM MOISTURE GEL is another premium skincare product by Phiten that uses AQUA-GOLD® and AQUA-SILVER®. What makes it so remarkable is that it does it all in one stellar pink-colored product. This all-in-one gel serves as a toner, lotion and treatment essence which leaves behind no traces of stickiness. Skin becomes smoother and tighter with every use. Something else beautifully pink is included, Japanese Sakura Extract. You might know these as cherry blossoms which have many benefits for the skin thanks to its rich antioxidant content that leaves skin glowing. Marine Collagen extracted from the Shimonoseki Puffer Fish and Hyaluronic Acid also work wonders for deep replenishment of moisture and youthfulness into every layer of your skin.

The Phiten Premium skincare products truly reflect the heart and soul of these life-changing products. Phiten launched these Premium products to deliver the power of pink to your skin with purely phenomenal results. For skin that glows with the radiance of youth and harnesses the power of nature and science to restore skin to youthful perfection, it’s no wonder that Phiten is the leader in Japan’s skincare revolution. Phitenize your life by trying Phiten Premium skincare products today!

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