Those of you who run regularly well know, having the correct footwear can make all of the difference in determining how well you perform and how healthy your feet stay. For any of you runners training out there, you’ll know that October is the return of the annual Ironman World Championships, and if you’re thinking of entering, having the correct footwear is vital. This is where Phiten’s latest range of footwear proves so useful. Here are 5 products you should seriously consider.

X10 Five-Toe Titanium Running Sock – Here we have Phiten’s next-generation running sock. This sock was developed specifically for runners, and boy does it show. With superior arch and ankle support, runners can maintain an upright position of the ankle, helping to disperse impact and fight fatigue. There is even a 3D Sewing design, which completely wraps and encases the toes, offering superior support and comfort while running. Made from a blend of Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, and Polyurethane, these socks are available in a wide range of colours. You can also check out the Round Toe Running Sock

Titanium Ankle Sports Socks – Next up we have something slightly more basic, but no less efficient. Phiten’s titanium ankle sports socks have been upgraded to offer superior arch support, along with a moisture wicking system to wick away sweat and moisture. Utilizing Phiten’s trademark AQUA-TITANIUM® technology, they are perhaps the best ankle sports socks currently on the market.

Titanium Insole – It isn’t just socks and shoes that need special attention, sometimes a great insole can also make a heck of a difference. These Titanium insole shoe inserts are fully customizable and have clear printed guides, so you can simply trim them down to size. Utilizing Phiten’s AQUA-TITANIUM® and AQUA-SILVER® technology, these insoles truly are the real deal, and they work great with any of the other products listed in today’s article.

Titanium Wrist/Ankle Wraps – Phiten’s latest wrist/ankle wrap is new and improved and utilizes AQUA-TITANIUM® tech, along with AQUA-PALLADIUM® technology. These infused wraps can be used on the ankles or the wrists, where they will instantly get to work! The wraps offer a much more durable and hard-wearing Polyurethane and Nylon outer fabric, along with a smoother Polyester-blend on the inner fabric, to provide comfort for sensitive skin. Easy to adjust, these wraps even come with a Velcro fastener, so you can have them fastened in a matter of seconds, with minimal fuss.
10/ – And finally, last on our list today, we have TI Compression Socks with a long open toe design. Offering superior compression tech, these socks prevent discomfort and help to promote enhanced rates of recovery and rejuvenation. On top of that, thanks to their open-toe design, the socks also help keep you nice and cool, even when worn under regular socks. This not only helps keep your feet cool, it also helps prevent moisture build-ups. Made from a unique mesh fabric, these compression socks wick away moisture, and once again utilize Phiten’s trademark AQUA-TITANIUM ® and AQUA-SILVER ® technology, putting them amongst the absolute best compression socks currently on the market.

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