Phiten’s titanium necklaces have become popular! We have all of you to thank for making Phiten necklaces popular and we love to see them in your Instagram photos too!

Our necklaces have become a symbol of every day adventurers living the #PhitenLife! We also think they’re stylish too! Thanks to our Phiten fans, we decided to share with all of you the top 5 Phiten necklaces sold in the US so far in 2018! Now you know the Phiten necklaces everyone loves!

1. Carbonized Titanium Chain Necklace

Composed of 100% pure titanium and coated with a carbonized titanium finish, our chain necklace is one of the most popular ones we’ve sold. Phiten fans say they love the lightweight feeling and the classic chain design that looks good with any style and Corrosion Resistant!

2. Tornado Titanium Necklace

Phiten’s Tornado design is a cool combination of two titanium necklaces twisted together. It’s made with our special AQUA-TITANIUM® technology, plus it has a sporty look inspired by pro baseball players. Our fans love it because of the multitude of dual color combinations and casual style they can wear anytime.

3. X50 Moda Deluxe High End III Titanium Necklace

Phiten fans that want a more luxurious look while wearing titanium have chosen the X50 Moda Deluxe High End III Titanium Necklace. With X50 AQUA-TITANIUM® concentrated technology combined with MICRO-TITANIUM SPHERES® and a stylish leather-like appearance, it lends a classy look to any ensemble and nets loads of compliments.

4. Classic Titanium Necklace

By far, one of the best-selling Phiten necklaces is the Classic Titanium Necklace. It’s a must-have accessory for any Phiten fan. With an array of 15 colors to choose from, the soft outer nylon material wrapped around the flexible Micro Titanium Sphere Core wears comfortably with the infusion of AQUA-TITANIUM®. A casual and cool choice, it’s easy to see why Phiten fans flock to this classic!

5. Mirror Ball Titanium Necklace

Popularized by the incredibly talented and famed Japanese figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu, our Phiten fans love this elegant design. The thin necklace with a polished sphere of pure titanium in the center is a beautiful choice and includes the infusion of the Metax technology, the most advanced Phiten's Aqua-Metal technology, all while allowing you to look glamorous. The simple design is what garners it the most affection, plus it’s easy to match with any style and other jewelry too.

Which one of these favorites is your favorite? Better yet, next time you’re on Instagram – snap a picture and tag @PhitenUSA and we may love your photo so much that we re-post it on our Instagram page!Keep those great #PhitenLife photos going – we appreciate all of you!

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