Are you a fan of marathons? If so, then September is a month you won’t want to check out for running. The air will just be turning cooler, the light fading slightly, and the leaves on the trees may just be beginning to hint at an imminent change of colour to welcome in the fall season. Weather permitting however, September is the perfect month for marathons, which is why we are highlighting five for you to consider. Whether spectating or running, here is our list:

Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon – Held in the Willamette Valley, Oregon on the 2nd of September, this is a half marathon event worth the wait. Hosted in Yamhill county, this half marathon is probably worth it simply for the scenery alone. With quaint little towns, stunning scenery, and amazing wine and post-race celebrations, this is a must for any wine or running enthusiast. The event starts at 7am and the winner will receive $500 cash, along with a magnum of wine, and a Fortessa award plate. What’s more, if a course record is set, the man or woman that sets the record will receive $300. (link to Marathon page: https://www.motivrunning.com/oregon-wine-country-halfmarathon/

Air Force Marathon and Half Marathon – Up next we have the Air Force Marathon and Half Marathon events. The full marathon has a time limit of 7 hours, which means that after those 7 hours are up, no official times will be given. Held at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio on Saturday the 15th of September, these marathons may be strict with rules and guidelines, but are still a whole lot of fun and there is plenty to see and do. The night before the event there is even a gourmet pasta dinner for runners to really load up on carbs and pre-race fuel. Link to Marathon page: http://www.usafmarathon.com/

Rock ‘N’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – The third event on our list is the Rock ‘N’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. Starting at 7.30AM, and with a time limit of 4 hours, this is a great marathon for those with a competitive side. The course is described as flat, easy, and fun. It stretches for 13.1 miles and along the way you will find live music and live entertainment, making this an event to remember. Starting and finishing at Eakins Oval, Fairmount Park, those that complete the event will receive a complimentary beer, as well as free admission to the headliner concert. Link to marathon page: http://www.runrocknroll.com/philadelphia/

Quad Cities Marathon and Half Marathon – On Sunday September 23rd we have the Quad Cities Marathon and Half Marathon events. Considered the Mid West’s most popular marathon, the main marathon stretches for 26.2 miles and begins and ends in the heart of downtown Moline, IL. Located near the Mississippi River, the views on both these courses are simply stunning. For those looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon, this marathon is an ideal qualifier. Stretching through 2 states and covering 3 bridges, 4 cities, and 1 island, all nestled alongside the iconic Mississippi River, both marathons are special. Link to marathon page: http://qcmarathon.org/

Wine Glass Marathon and Half Marathon – Finally, last but certainly not least we have the Guthrie Wine Glass Marathon and Half Marathon in Corning, New York hosted on the 30th of September. The 37th annual Guthrie Wine Glass Marathon will begin at 8:15AM and is considered one of the most intense and physically demanding marathons in all the US. The event begins and Bath and finishes in Corning and is yet another ideal qualifier for the Boston Marathon. Each competitor has 6.5 hours to complete the course, and if competitors fail to reach the mid-way point in Campbell in 3hr 15 minutes or quicker, they will be asked to exit the event for safety and timing reasons. For the Half Marathon, runners will set off at 7:45AM from Campbell, to the finish line of Corning. The course is scenic, fast, and flat, and is a firm favourite amongst keen runners from around the globe. Link to the marathon page: http://www.wineglassmarathon.com/

Have you been to any of these marathons? We’d love to hear your story – drop us a comment or email at order@us-phiten.com

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