June 17th is Father’s Day and gifting our Fathers can sometimes be a little harder to shop for. Fortunately – not for Phiten Father’s! We have come up with a great list of suggested gifts for Father’s that love Phiten this Father’s Day. You can also get something for yourself too if you hurry!Right now, until June 7th receive one Tribal II Titanium Necklace, Black, 22" on all orders over $50 or more when you shop online!

No Promo Code Needed – Item Placed Automatically In Orders.

**Offer good Friday, June 1st, 2018 thru Thursday, June 7th, 2018.
Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer good only on PhitenUSA.com

Here are our suggestions for Dad this Father’s Day:

Titanium Chain Necklace
This is piece of jewelry that can act as your father’s go to accessory. It is made with 100% pure titanium and is super lightweight. Non-corrosive, classy looking and robust enough for your dad to like it. It comes in two sizes and looks great on absolutely everyone. The overall look of the necklace makes it a perfect gift for this Father’s Day.

Moda Deluxe | X50 High End III Titanium Necklace
Apart from a great name, this necklace is unique in its style. Not conventional looking and can completely transform a look, when paired with casuals. It has Micro Titanium Spheres in it's elastomer core and is made of Polyester permeated with X50 Aqua Titanium. When you gift this, you will be gifting more than just a necklace, you will be giving your Father a new look that he is bound to appreciate. Want more? You can pick it in black, red, or brown as per your (or your Father’s) preference.

Titanium Bracelet Black IP
If your Father isn’t a huge fan of necklaces, this bracelet is a great option. This bracelet is a modern style statement that even your dad will agree with. Again, it is 100% pure titanium and it has a black finish to it which makes the bracelet look classy and stylish. The bracelet won’t corrode, as its made with 100% pure Titanium. It is also embedded with five titanium sphere ingots on the inside. Pick this for a guaranteed grin from your father!

Aqua Titanium Socks (3 pairs)
Maybe your father doesn’t like jewelry or accessories at all. That’s okay, Dad’s will be Dad’s! He can still be a part of the Phiten family and deserves a great gift. Socks never go out of use and are a caring reminder of how much you appreciate him. This set of socks comes in three colors, black, blue, and grey. These everyday socks are made of polyester and cotton and are the safest gifting option on Father’s Day!

Titanium Men’s under shirt (V-neck)
Are you one of those functional gifters who likes to gift things that can be used and needed? Then this undershirt is the perfect gift for Dad! Not only is it affordable, it is super comfortable and comes with premium features. It is antimicrobial and stretchable, with moisture wicking properties. It also deodorizes and keeps you feeling fresh. Made of 90% Polyester and 10% Polyurethane, this under shirt is an absolute must have basic for any Phiten Father out there. It comes in three colors- white, black and grey. You can pick as per your Dad’s preference.

Father’s Day offer ends June 7th! …. Click here to start shopping: Shop Phiten Online

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