It’s a fairly common theory that the happiest people on earth are those with good health and the most fundamental aspect of health is seen in the type of food eaten. Food is an essential factor in life because it engages every single being in the world. As a result, while training or just maintain optimal health - there is a great need to consume nutritious and healthy food.

Different types of foods help provide the body with various needs. There are foods that are responsible for providing the body with the required energy to function effectively. Especially if you’re a fitness trainer or engaged in any form of exercise, you need energy to be effective. Therefore, it becomes necessary to eat foods that boost your energy.

So, for your needs, here are five healthy food recipes that are great energy boosters.

1. Veggie Bowls and Hummus
The domination of the green color shows how close it is to nature. A collection of the brassicas of cruciferous veggies – Broccolinis that are roasted, brussel sprouts (shredded), mustard, kale (shredded) and a blend of hummus. Sesame seeds and sunflower (toasted), soft boiled eggs, avocado (sliced), quinoa for protein, voila and a pinch of crushed pepper. You just can’t get it any better. We found the recipe on GimmeSomeOven to be full of nutrition and pleasing on taste!

2. Sweet Potato stuffed with Quinoa Salad
Full of protein, quinoa salad is a top-notch ingredient that you just can’t afford not to include in your meal. Full of energy to keep you going throughout the day. Now here's the secret behind this awesome meal -Sweet potatoes, Smart Balance, Quinoa, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red onion, Diced Kalamata olives, Diced parsley, Chopped garlic clove, Minced sumac, Virgin olive oil, Lemon juice, Sea salt, Freshly ground black pepper. Note that the applications of each ingredient is dependent on the quantity to be produced.HelloGlow.co has a great recipe for this! You can print out their version of this by clicking here!

3. Spiced Apple and Oatmeal Smoothie
This is a unique drink/mini meal. It's just in between, it's drinkable but not with a straw, to enjoy it, you'll definitely need a spoon to do the fair dealing.

Ingredients include; healthful toppings, a mix of crunchy seeds, coconuts that are shaved, sweet maple syrup and some fresh fruits. The smoothie base which is thickened is spiced with apples and oats. Toppings are littered and scattered over the bowl surface providing contrasting textures and flavors. With a potpourri of various nutrients, this smoothie bowl can fuel a morning.We love how KitchenKonfidence takes this recipe but gives you some alternatives if you’re not a fan of apples!

4. Cacao with Energy Bars
Sometimes, when the day seems to be getting rough, the mind and strength in the body start to depreciate. This meal is a solution to a hectic day. Full of superfoods, you just can't let go. It keeps your body and mind intact, full of energy and focused. Here is a peep into what it's made up of - chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds, raisins, coconuts, and dates. Whoa! Check out the recipe for this on ThisRawsomeVeganLife here!

5. Mocha Latte Quinoa
Have you ever tried a chocolate and coffee blend alongside quinoa and coconut cream? Well, this is a simple meal you can try right now. Just a blend of four super ingredients and your morning will be a very good morning. FitFoodieFinds to be WONDERFUL – check out their recipe by clicking their blog title!

There you have it – food recipes that boost your energy effectively. Are you still looking for foods recipes that are great energy boosters? Then try any of these recipes.

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